Grant Law Group is a small firm with a clear focus – we do deals for clients in the internet and technology space. We’re looking for a mid-level attorney who will handle a healthy variety of transactions, including agreements for content and data licensing, monetization, online services, and technology and software development. Our practice is extremely diverse and vibrant – our clients are pioneers and as a consequence, so are we.

We want you, if you:

  • Are 6-12 years out of law school
  • Have high-quality credentials
  • Can write in plain English
  • Are willing to learn the decisive, practical style of lawyering that has made us exceptionally successful
  • Can handle continuous change — in our clients’ businesses, in the law with which we work, and in our firm itself
  • Are located in the Los Angeles area and are a member of the California bar

If you want a walnut-paneled office and like to put “Esq.” after your name, this is not the job for you.

If you wonder whether you should have gotten an MBA and wish you were doing something entrepreneurial, you’ve found the right firm.

135 W. Green Street
Suite 120
Pasadena, CA